This is a story about a little girl, who grew up in a small town in the north of Israel, and dreamed to make a difference and become influential in this world. She thought her inspirations would be fulfill within the walls of the Court as she became a lawyer, yet found herself daydreaming and drawn into colors, vividness and fabrics. That girl became a woman, and this woman is now fulfilling her dream.

My brand reflects my passion for fashion that grew and shaped as I was reading magazines, following influential designers and touring the fashion capitals of the world. During all those years, I realized how amazing it is for me to find inspiration for looks in every scenery. I was surprised to find out how excited I am to create each day a perfect look that combines comfort, creativity, courage and freedom, which altogether reveal a unique way of dressing up. Welcome to my new journey and walk with me in the path of originality, desire, power and love for fearless fashion.

בדמיון נדדתי למחוזות רחוקים אשר היוו עבורי השראה ליצירה. הבגדים שלי מאופיינים בדפוסים של קלאסיות לצד צבעוניות חמה וגזרות נשיות וסקסיות. הבגדים באו לספר עלילה, והיום אני מזמינה אתכן להיות הדמות הראשית בסרט של עצמכן. ותזכרו- תמיד תעקבו אחרי החלומות שלכם, הם יודעים את הדרך

Love, Mor Lehrman

הישארי מעודכנת בקולקציה החדשה